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Animated wedding proposal for Utkarsh

Utkarsh Devrani, a software engineer from Melbourne, Australia wanted to propose his long time girlfriend Shivani Aswal who lives in Delhi in a simple yet creative manner. Shivani is a dentist by profession who loves alternative rock music and indie songs. Utkarsh and Shivani met on instagram in 2017 and have been dating since. This video was made for Utkarsh as a present for Shivani after which he popped up the big question, and she - said YES!

To set the base of what the video is going to be about, I asked Utkarsh a set of 10-15 questions like what are both of their interests? how did they meet? what theme would he like this video to be? Romantic / Funny / Emotional /Poetic etc. After this, we decided on making a short video which would begin from the very start of their relationship to until now.


Character Design 

Utkarsh character design.jpg
Utkarsh character design.jpg
Utkarsh character design2.jpg
Shivani Character design 2.jpg
Shivani Character design 1.jpg

Background Stills

Songs used -
Summer Salt - Candy Wrappers (Shivani's favourite song)
Anuv Jain - OCEAN

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