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Animation Film - ONE

A One rupee coin sets on a journey to find its importance in a world dominated by notes of much higher values. This is my first animated short film made during my college time (2018) and is produced by MIT Institute of Design.

One released on YouTube on 31st May 2020, since then it has crossed over 2 million views. Prior to the release One has grabbed over 10 film festivals awards and over 20 official selections.

One FINAL poster-no_one-01.jpg

Early sketches and Storyboards


Character Design

One Timeline.jpg

Background Design

ONE Merchandise

IMG 1.jpg
IMG 2.jpg
IMG 3.jpg

To celebrate ONE crossing the landmark of 1 Million views on Youtube, I released ONE Enamel Pin merchandise which is my first ever attempt on making merchandise of my own. These are hand-painted enamel pins can go on bags, shirts, wallets etc.  You can order one here -

On YouTube, I also posted an in-depth video which explains the process behind ONE

and how a short animation short film is made. You can check out the video over here -

Need an animation video like this?

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