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Animation Film - The Legend of Hornbill

A short folktale animation film made from scratch to final execution while I was working with Trip Creative Services for their Youtube channel named Folktales of India.

Folktales have been an eternal part of every culture since ages. To showcase and popularize the rich variety of folktales from the subcontinent of India, TRIP Creative Services came up with in-house production called ‘Folktales of India’ in 2016. It is a Youtube channel where short folktales from India are uploaded.

This abridged Sumi Naga folktale is about the origin of the large colourful bird - The Great Hornbill that is an integral part of most of the tribes from Nagaland. The story revolves around two inseparable lovers and the Hornbill's feather as the symbol of their unending love.


The illustration style has been inspired from the tribal art and culture of Nagaland who considered the great hornbill as an integral part of their lives.

About Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the seven northeast states and is located on India’s farthest east side. 

Nearly all of Nagaland is mountainous. The Nagas, an Indo-Asiatic people, form more than 20 tribes, Each tribe has its gennas, or festivals, and Naga dance, music, song, and folklore all express an exuberant concern for life.



Mood 3.jpg


Character Design

Kivigho turnaround psd.jpg
Khauli turnaround.jpg
Hornbill bird closeups1.jpg
Hornbill bird closeups3.jpg
Hornbill bird closeups2.jpg
Hornbill bird.jpg

Background Animations



Please visit the 'Folktales of India' Youtube channel below to enjoy more folktales -


Creative Direction: Prateek Sethi

Research, Animation Design, Vo and Direction: Ketan Pal

Narration and Vo: John Varker

Sound Design: Rahull Raut, Hootch Studios

Production Assist: Vijay Ubale

Project Accountant: Deepak Patil

Design House: Trip Creative Services

©Trip creative services​​​​​​​

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